In my new book ‘Has the Bible been kept pure?’, I discuss Gataker’s objections in a debate over the active obedience of Christ in Justification. The debate occurred during deliberations on the 39 Articles at the Assembly in 1643, although the same theology Gataker objected to was retained and strengthened in the Confession and Catechisms. The Westminster Confession article was also debated in July 1646, although no details of that debate are recorded. It is likely that Gataker also acquiesced to the established view that the righteousness imputed in Justification involves both the active and passive obedience of Christ, but may equally have again argued for his position against the majority.

For an insightful discussion on this debate and the Confessional statement on Justification, see Alan D. Strange ‘The imputation of the Active Obedience of Christ at the Westminster Assembly’ in Michael Haykin and Mark Jones (eds.), Drawn into Controversie (Gottingen: Vandenhoek & Ruprecht GmbH & Co, 2011), 31-51. See also for a more comprehensive discussion, J.V. Fesco, The Theology of the Westminster Standards (Wheaton: Crossway, 2014), 207-239.