With the recent announcement that Chinese scientists have cloned monkeys from the cells of a foetus, many are asking ‘if these primates can be cloned will human beings be next?’ Of course the scientists deny that they are at all interested in cloning humans, but would you take anyone’s word on this? After all, why clone monkeys at all? The scientists argue that cloned monkeys might be better for trials of human drugs and the like. How much more human clones? Several implications and questions flow from these new developments.

1. If humans can be cloned, which seems highly likely since monkeys can be, what is to stop an atheistic country like China cloning humans and harvesting organs for organ transplants from a cloned human being? Atheistic evolutionists claim, that there is no such thing as an eternal soul, and humans are just like every other animal and are purely material beings with a mortal body including a brain. If this is the case, then we could envisage a godless society sanctioning the creating of clones for spare parts. Perhaps, the scientists would keep the cloned human in a coma, thus preventing consciousness, as a way of overcoming ethical concerns some might otherwise have. After all, according to reports, body parts of aborted babies have been trafficked by Planned Parenthood in America. Such aborted babies are not considered to be human beings. It would be a small step to say the same about clones.

2. If it is possible for a human to be cloned bypassing the normal reproductive process, would these clones be considered by Christians and other theists to be less than human – without an immortal soul? Since the doctrine of the Fall teaches that man is spiritually and morally corrupt, would clones be considered to be fallen creatures in need of redemption? Or would they be seen as sub-human animals?

3. What would be God’s reaction to a society which sought to create a human being in this way? Would attempts at such a process call down God’s judgement upon a nation, or the world, if man sought to play God in this way?

4. It may be that cloning a human being proves to be impossible. God may well prevent successful human cloning.

5. What do you think? Is human cloning possible, and if so would a clone possess an immortal soul?

Garnet Milne